Sunday, December 8, 2013

Back In Action

After six months of shirking adult responsibilities on a weekly basis under the guise of blogging, everything came to a screeching halt with not a word of explanation online. A trifecta of events combined into a perfect storm leaving  Disney Every Week drifting aimlessly like yet another piece of cyber space junk. To sum it all up, here's what happened:

1. I'd decided to stop at the half year mark, because although I was having fun and always finding new things to do, I decided I preferred to take longer family trips. If we could afford my weekly trips from Jacksonville, we could afford a family trip in a deluxe resort with meal plan. The big trip was a higher priority.

2. In Aug we decided to send a child to private school, and our tuition cost all my monthly Disney gas money. Goodbye big trip to a deluxe resort and weekly trips.

3. A week after school started in Aug I had  emergency surgery. My appendix burst, but I didn't recognize it until I was sick from peritonitis and abscess, 4-7 days after the rupture according to my surgeon. I had 18 nights of  hospitalization and am still recovering. I just started driving in November, and the thought of sitting at the computer desk to update the blog or do anything is exhausting, so I'm settling for this.

Since surgery I've been to Disney for my anniversary, Thanksgiving, and am at the AKL now celebrating my birthday with my cousin Laura and frequent cohort in crime, (often mistaken for my significant other) fellow at-home mom, Jean.  I have much yet to blog and look forward to resuming after I'm more fully recovered. We also have another trip booked at Bonnet Creek in Dec over Christmas break, so I'm still going but at a slower pace.

Happy Holidays and healthy appendixes to all of you!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lunch at Contempo

After much debate and outlet shopping, we came back to Disney to eat. We hadn't tried the Contemporary's Contempo Cafe, and I wish that were still the case. We've found one counter service with poorer quality food (AofA) but none that were dirtier. I didn't finish my dry, bland chicken artichoke flatbread, but hubby happily scored BBQ sauce for his Angus bacon cheeseburger, a condiment lacking at AKL the Mara. Since people expect McDonald's to serve a hot burger at .99, I think Disney, who charges $9, should. Call me picky, but decent food shouldn't be strictly at sit downs. Based on this meal, we'd stop by for treats, drinks, and salads but skip anything that required cooking. Staying at this resort changes nothing. Fill your mugs, grab a snack, use your counter service credits elsewhere.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Dinner at AKL the Mara

Had to make a special trip to AKL for Mr Pibb and a scrumptious chicken presto flatbread. Hubby had the Angus cheeseburger and fries. The air conditioning was oppressive so we enjoyed our meal in the fresh air, as did a few others whom we overheard mutter about the Arctic conditions inside. When my Minnesotan-born husband is chilly, you know it's cold!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bob the Builder Arrived

He was so quick I couldn't snap the pick, but a guy in bulldozer just cruised pay the pool and right by our room. I'm not talking about one of those baby-sized, cousins to forklifts. No. This was a Bob the Builder size bulldozer running down the sidewalks, more like straddling them. That is something I have not seen at Disney, although this trip the big, new thing is Caribbean Beach Resort. Who knew the Caribbean was only a 3 hour drive?

Hello Caribbean Beach Resort!

Just checked in and are changing from a room with 2 queens to 1 king. Now, here's the Disney magic of it all. With their new keys you tap on the locks (goodbye old fashioned insert in the slot), we just called, they have us a new room number, and our keys work for that room without a trip to the front desk. How cool is that?

My Disney Teapot Collection

Well, collection might be a bit of an overstatement ...  That is my intent, though, and this is my first acquisition! Of course I bought it at the outlet store I mentioned in a previous post.

Isn't this a sweet, little pot? I could not resist Tinkerbell, my favorite Disney character, especially at 50%off ($17.99). It's going to to sit on my kitchen window ledge and remind me of Peter Pan's Flight every day. "Think of all the joy you'll find when you leave the world behind..." All you need is faith, trust and pixie dust!                                                                 
Even the box is pretty.                                                        

Friday, July 12, 2013

Why I Love Disney's Character Warehouse

A trip to Disney isn't complete without getting my Disney outlet fix. I've scored many deals that far outstrip my AP discount, some on items still being sold in the parks. I've bought Mickey jack-o-lantern mugs for $2.50, earrings for $2, shower curtain at 50% off, and lanyards with 8 pins for $10 (even Ebay can't touch that deal for traders), but here is the crown jewel. This is my Pulicati Italian leather purse in the most delicious, dark, chocolate brown that I scored in December for $36 marked down from $180, give or take a couple of bucks. This was THE color I wanted in a bag so big I can pack for an overnight, if I clean it out of course, but how ridiculous of an idea is that? With this much square footage it should come with the option of maid service, for goodness sakes! When it's "fully loaded" with both tablets, cell, and Smart Water, it weighs an impressive 11 lbs AND has capacity for more. What it really needs is wheels.

So if you drive to Orlando or get a rental car, be sure to look up these outlet stores. Downtown Disney is fun, but bargain shoppers will surely appreciate the deeper discounts that will stretch your souvenir shopping budget.