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I see no reason to reinvent the wheel. There is already a wealth of info about Disney World on the web. If you want to spend your time waiting in lines longer than Walmart on Black Friday, you can skip the planning part. I can hear the moaning and outcries of protest against planned spontaneity as I pen these words. Trust. Me. On. This. You MUST bite the bullet and plan. If your family is lucky, there's one anal retentive, obsessive- compulsive organized person who adores lists, charts, and graphs the process. However, there IS a ray of hope if your eyes glaze over at the site of the "planning" word.  Don't despair!  Salvation can be yours and is free for a phone call or an email! I know the most amazing Disney Pro travel planner who will take care of details you don't want to know exist. Just keep swimming, reading for the Solution to your dilemna.  

How Serious Are You About This Planning Thing?

Be forewarned: I'm anal, I used to be a travel agent, & I see no need to medicate. I'm So Very Serious!  Back before smart phones, before Disney allowed you to make dining reservations online, when my kids still recognized the brilliance of me, and dinosaurs roamed the earth, I used atomictime to sync my computer to Disney dining and got out of bed before the sun to call as soon as they opened. (I had done my surveillance calls to know they started answering 3 min. early.) 

I created a notebook with everything arranged sequentially as needed on our trip and containing reservations, daily itineraries, packing lists, touring tips, park hours with parade and show times, and menus for our meals at the condo. (Yes, there were charts and graphs.)  Most importantly, we got to do everything we wanted plus had character meals out the wazoo. Now with smart phone apps and Wi-Fi everywhere, even a lazy person has no valid excuse not to learn how to use a FASTPASS. If nothing else, have respect for the money you're spending. You don't need charts and graphs, although I adore them. Whether you're new to Disney, not a planner, very busy, confused, or seeking the utmost in convenience, I highly recommend you work with a Disney Travel Planner.

The Solution: -  A full-service travel planner who is a genuine Disney Pro. She planned and booked my surprise 50th birthday party, and even though my husband is a Disney Pro, he deferred to her and left it totally in her hands, which was a wise move! I'm a control freak, and I had to admit her plan was better than mine. (blow to my ego, right there!) Her personalized service costs you nothing but will save you time, money, and stress. Why spend hours reading restaurant reviews when she can give you recommendations of the best places and make the reservations for you? I've traveled with her and seen her at work with clients. I can vouch for her integrity, professionalism, and Disney knowledge.  
The only agent I recommend is:
                 Laura Ebersohl at Fairy Godmother Travel (618) 521-8380. 
(I get nothing for making this recommendation. She's the only one besides myself who books my travel.  )

Here are my Top Online Picks for Trip Planning:

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