Friday, July 12, 2013

Where To Watch Magic Kingdom Fireworks

Everyone knows to stand in the hub in front of the castle or in the Main Street mosh pit, but we have some other favorite spots to watch the fireworks. In no particular order, almost.

1. The beach at the Polynesian - Stand or sit back by the sidewalk to hear the sound track.The Poly is even better than being in the Magic Kingdom. Why? Firstly you have no obstructions and get to see the whole shebang. The July 4th fireworks were expansive, and if you were anywhere in the park, you didn't see the whole picture. They weren't just behind the castle. Secondly, you aren't in the crush of people trying to exit the park. (This should be compelling enough.) Thirdly, you get the reflection off the water.

2. The TTC at the entrance/exit for the ferry - It's almost as good as the Poly, but it lacks ambiance. Still, it is the utmost in quick exit and good viewing. You beat the monorail crowds and have the castle view. You can also ride the ferry during fireworks, but you need to position yourself at the rear or by a right side window for a view.

3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Hop on this at the beginning of fireworks and score a short line along with an awesome ride. When you exit, stay there for the finale. You will know where "there" is.

4. In Adventureland close to Tiki Birds - Grab a seat along the stone bench, and enjoy a Sunshine Tree Terrace root beer float while you're there. You should be facing Aladdin's Magic Carpets.

5. Storytime With Belle - This is a conundrum. Do you utilize the fireworks to finally have a decent wait time for this attraction, or do you watch fireworks? We watched while in line, but this area of Fantasyland has some interesting viewing. It doesn't have to be at this attraction.

6. On the boat from Fort Wilderness - Admittedly, this takes some planning as you have to get to Fort Wilderness and then time it right heading back. It does give you a free fireworks cruise, though.

7. The resort buses - This is for the person who is more concerned with a hasty get-away than the best viewing area. If you head to the buses, stop along the walkway at the top/center of the big arc. We had a good view but the least ambiance available at Disney for the last night of July 4th fireworks. (Thanks to Limited Time Magic, Independence Day fireworks were all week.) Still, I would go there again, because I like seeing fireworks and being ahead old the throng.

8. Fort Wilderness - The beach at Fort Wilderness is for those who like quiet or those who missed the fireworks ferry. We enjoyed watching from there one crisp evening, although we didn't have music.

9. Shades of Green - If you walk out by the little lake/pond, you can see the fireworks quite well without going all the way to the Poly, or maybe you could catch them on the way back to the hotel if you exit the monorail at the Poly and walk to SOG. Again, it's hasty exit fireworks viewing but with more ambiance. 

10. The Contemporary viewing deck - You may think that the superior view from this spot should put it at the top of my random-order list, but the area is small, fills fast, and those 10 seats really should go to guests of the Contemporary. It's always nice to watch from the Poly or CR, but the folks staying there are paying plenty, and they shouldn't get crowded out of their amenities like fireworks viewing by guests staying elsewhere. The Poly has plenty of beach for everyone, but the CR has little space. So please don't take your family of 10 to CR's deck. There are plenty of other places big enough to accommodate you.

Do you have any great or unexpected places to watch fireworks? Please post and share your ideas!


  1. Thank you for your respectful comment on #10. We aren't staying at CR, but if I was I would definitely have a "sense of entitlement" after paying those prices!!! Refreshing to see the respectfulness!!!
    If you covet that spot, then PAY for it! If not, don't steal it from someone who is!

  2. I didn't see this because the end of Aug 2013 I nearly died from a ruptured appendix and had 2 hospitalizations stretching well into Sept. It took months 3 months to start reading screens again, longer to drive, and now I still have pain. I so appreciate this comment. I often feel people forget their manners and think theme park admission entitles them to more than it should. If we will be respectful of each other, then Disney won't have to monitor every square inch. When they come in, if they can charge more admission, they will. That spot at CR smacks of potential money earner in the form of private dessert/fireworks party.