Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tips – The Whole Shebang: Week By Week (click the week to see that post)






Hwk 1 -Stay at Port Orleans Riverside in a Royal Room, especially if you have a little princess, but even if you don’t. These are the closest digs you’ll get to the Cinderella Castle Suite unless you have some serious connections, and if you do…I could be persuaded to come visit the suite, you at any time. *ahem*  Don’t be afraid to show the kids where the switch is for the fiber optic headboard, and let them play with it first.  You’ll get your turn(s).

 TValuables (cameras, purses, cars) – Use common sense and lock cars.  Never put valuables on front seat in case you forget step 1.  In the parks don’t leave cameras with strollers or wheelchairs. People steal, and it’s not very magical when it happens to you.

Twk 2 – Have fun with ride photos.  Be silly.  You don’t need to buy the pictures to enjoy trying to achieve a personal best for humorous photo, but you might end up with a true classic. 

FBagels are a good value if you weigh cost vs filling factor.  Veggie trays, watermelon tubs, and fruit assortments can be inexpensive snacks.

FDisney property Hess stations have a small celery & carrot veggie tray for only $1.79, a sale on lg bottles of Smart Water 2/$3, and usually a good price on gas. If you have a car, you can pick up snacks for less here when you hop.  (We drive to hop and pass on busses.)

Fwk 3Be Our Guest at MK - In the ballroom sit near but not next to the windows to get the best view of the snowfall. Also, sitting toward an edge should be quieter than the middle. (hard surfaces + big rooms=noise) Don’t forget to make dinner reservations ASAP.  You can reserve online up to 180 days in advance. If you don’t have a meal plan, I’d rather spend money on a character meal than on dinner here.  Then I’d do counter service lunch at BOG.  If dinner is in the budget, ask for the gray stuff; it’s delicious! (if you like an oreo mousse)

Twk 4 - Check the schedule to plan to see Trolley Singers and other “spontaneous” entertainment. Watching the Trolley Singers at the train station gives you the best show, as they go upstairs and sing from the second level.  If you opt for the corner of Main St., a sidewalk is the best view.

TGrab a seat at Sleepy Hollow to watch the parade for a good view if you don’t have to be front row.  There’s less competition for these seats than the 2 rocking chairs around the corner.

F Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney is the best deal on Disney property.  Do NOT waste dining plan credits on it, though.

T wk 5 - The best parade viewing is the 2nd floor of the Magic Kingdom Train Station. Get there early to claim a seat. Grab a snack to enjoy while you wait.

T Hidden indoor seating by Zanzibar Trading Company (across from Swiss Family Tree House)

FDon’t miss Starring Rolls cupcakes at Hollywood Studios. They close at 4:00 daily.

T wk 6 - Don’t miss Off Kilter, and get there early if you want a seat. No rush if you’d rather dance.

T Ride Spaceship Earth in the evening when it becomes virtually a walk-on.  Walk right past it in the morning if it’s anything more than a 10 minute wait.

FAgent P Fans can buy mission provisions at the Promenade (Turn toward Canada where WS meets FW)

FThe French bakery, Boulangerie Patisserie has moved to a larger, more modern location.

FShrimp lovers head to Refreshment Port for a good value on jumbo fried shrimp & fries.

T wk 7 Presidents Week is peak season, a completely insane time to travel.  This week should be at the bottom of your possible travel dates list.  If you live in the NE and insist on Disney over this week, stay on site to utilize EMH to the max, use Fastpass, buy a dining plan & make reservations for in the parks, eat at non-peak times, pack Valium and do your homework. Get the Unofficial Guide to Disney World and grab any free reliable phone apps that will help with wait times, most especially Mobile Magic

Twk 8 If Space Mountain isn’t running, ride the TTA. You may get a peek (bad pun fully intended) at Space Mountain with the lights on.  

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