Thursday, April 4, 2013

Disney Apps - Let's Chat...

Currently there are 2 official Disney apps: Mobile Magic and My Disney Experience. For either you need to carry either an iPhone or an android. For me this has 2 flaws. First, not all phones are compatible. There are some people, like me, who don't think a cell phone is a necessity but a luxury. Until 2 months ago our phones were NOT smarter than a fifth grader, but as they didn't need to pass the ACT, it was not an issue. Secondly, the apps are for phones only, no tablets can play. I'd prefer to use my Nexus 7 to have a bigger screen and less drain on my phone battery, which brings me to a third flaw. My Disney Experience can eat your battery as fast as a kid with a Mickey Bar. Android users can download Juice Defender or other battery saving app, but Apple users have to budget battery drain themselves through settings and usage choices.

I've read that Mobil Magic is going to be phased out as My Disney Experience ties in with the RFID bracelet system that is a billion dollar make-over promising to bring more convenience and personalization to your Disney trips. It's an interesting idea, but I'm not impressed just yet. On Week 13 I tried to get our phones in sync with the My Disney Experience app. While my husband's phone said he'd been added to our dining reservation, he couldn't view any of the details. Moreover, when I'm at Disney, starting at a phone takes me out of that magical world, and I wonder if hearing an animatronics character butcher my daughter, Mairyn's, name will be a worthwhile trade-off. Still, I'm not ready to give up. I refuse to be defeated by a piece of technology and would love to hear what you think of the new high-tech changes.

In spite of all the flaws, how great is it to have a bit of Disney taking up residence on your phone? It's a little slice of happy every time I see it glowing on my screen, even if it offers me no other function.


  1. I had a success story with Mobile Magic... when Patty and I were going as 2 grown ups (without the kids)... creepy I know... I was able to book our favorite character meal (even more creepy)... on the Magical Express bus! I'm sad that is going away. Especially since Patty paid the $2 for it... mine was free 1 year later!

    I also use the Undercover Tourist to check out attraction times at certain times of the year!

    Keep us informed Gale! Can't wait to go to Disney again!!!

  2. I got My Disney Experience to work on my Nexus. First I had to get Adobe Flash. There were a few steps, but it works great with no lagging.