Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 9 Feb 25 – Boy Band Groupies

Feb 25
Miles 3037
Where am I?
Last week I was at Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. 
OK, here’s the “good” pic, and I use that wood loosely. The pic is in focus, a little TOO in focus. This is what happens to your skin when you make that other face.  
First on our agenda was the Limited Time Magic event: Dapper Dans singing boy bands. Here’s a video from the same day we were there, thanks to wdwmagic.com. The crowd was definitely there to hear the “new sound”.

Loved, loved, loved it!!! Could I request a Backstreet Boys medley? If they did more of this, I could be a groupie.
I couldn’t possibly stroll Main Street without a gratuitous trip to the Confectionary, although it’s just a window shopping and smelling destination.  Still, it’s a ritual that lets me know I’m at Disney, so let’s browse together, shall we? (I WILL get this out of my system, or maybe I’ll write a  blog about the Confectionary.) 
Now let’s pick out a treat!
(I just cannot let go of $10 for a Mickey apple no matter how photogenic they are especially when 1 apple = 3 Mickey bars, give or take a few cents.)
I’ll pass on $4 cupcakes, too, because you can get the best ones at Starring Rolls, Hollywood Studios for the same. As beautiful as it all is, I’ll grab a chocolate-eared, crispie treat. (Click on the treat to go to the source.)


And on the subject of Starring Rolls
I submit our favorite, a peanut butter and chocolate cupcake. (No licking the screen.)
***A special thanks to my daughter for this shot.*** 
Another favorite: the Butterfinger
(links to Cupcakes Garden who took these)

I think I’ve made my point!

More Later….Sweet dreams and Pixie dust to you!

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  1. Gale still having fun I see!!! Is that really really from the Buzz Lightyear... I'm thinking more Big Thunder Mountain... YOU ARE LIVING THE DREAM!!! Can't wait to read about next week!!!