Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week 1 - POR Royal Rooms

Miles I've driven to Disney this year:

330 as of wk 1


Week 1, Jan 5-6 ~ Port Orleans Riverside, Royal Room #5409

New Year Family Meet-Up

What a way to start off 2013: staying at Port Orleans Riverside, checking another resort off my bucket list, and finding a Royal Room behind that door!  WooHoo! For any Disney fan, that is a trifecta of awesomeness!!

Take a gander at that lobby, and see if you can find those Hidden Mickeys! This resort is so oozing with laid-back, Southern charm, I swear I *almost* said, "y'all".  Being a Yankee who's lived in southern states 16 years without introducing that, dare I call it a word, into my vocabulary, that is really saying something about the ambiance of this resort.

As you meander through the mini-tour, let me regale you with a little tale.

The Great Camera Caper
Once Upon A Time a king, Her Most High Queenliness, and the princess took a lovely, albeit too brief, trip to a magical kingdom to visit family. They stayed in a beautiful and magical room.  They were so amazed by the Aladdin's lamp faucets, 3D princess picture, magic carpet, fiber optic headboards, and the many details of their room that they took out their enchanted image-making boxes and stored many likenesses on them.  Upon the day of their departure in 2 coaches, they stopped at a roadside stand for reHESSment.  One coach driver securely locked the doors, but the other coach driver who shall not be named, but who should seriously learn never to leave valuables in an unlocked car coach, did not lock the doors, and the enchanted image boxes magically vanished as quickly as a thief could open a car door and lift them off the front seat of a Hyundai, but I digress. Their lovely pictures were no more (as well as a prince's graduation video, so the king was lucky he slept still indoors).  All they had were their memories, the promise of another journey, and, of course, Google

Until such time as I can offer my own pictures, I suggest this for a look at
a Port Orleans Royal Room and recommend the 360 video

Can You See the Hidden Mickeys?



Hint:  Look up and around!


Now, honestly, I didn’t get the full Monty when it came to staying here, so I will Just have to repeat it. Darn! My husband drove down on Saturday and spent the day with his family and mine, but my daughter had a church activity. We arrived at midnight.  Being a devout Disney fanatic and man of my dreams, he left the room totally untouched, so we could see it like he had.  Even the towel Mickey heads were in place on the beds. When my camera is replaced, I hope to go back and replace the pictures as well.


The buttons for the fiber optics are on the sides of the headboards. Don't be afraid to show the kids (like a certain member of my extended family whom I will not shame on my blog) for fear the lights will keep any of you awake or because you don't have your Disney mo-jo going and are about as fun as the Grinch getting a colonoscopy. Give the kids free access to this from the first minute you enter the room.  Hey, play it up and say, "Oh, look!  A gold button!  Whatever could it be?  Are you brave enough to push it and see?"  That's right.  I'm telling you to let the KID push the button first.  There'll be plenty of time for your turn(s) later. 
  • Staying at Port Orleans and in a Royal Room
  • Having both camera and camcorder stolen on Disney property. (I can’t recommend this in the least, so do lock your doors always.)

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