Clothes Encounters

Clothes Encounters: WHERE YOU SHOPPIN'? 

(Notice to all who enter Disney gates.  You make absurd fashion statements at your own risk.  You could just run across someone like me whose favorite photo-op involves someone else's lapse of good judgement.  I refer you to exhibit A as proof. This is a monument to those moments that are too delicious for me not to share.)
This is not about her. She's rocking a retro look. 
Together, they make an eye-catching pair even in a park of overdressed mice. You don't even notice the cast member who is actually wearing a costume but who looks more like a tourist next to all of this psychotic eye candy, and I mean no disrespect to psychotics. Let's break this down, though, and direct our focus........

Exactly where did Disco Mickey acquire a leather jacket with wings?!? And when did Mickey Mouse start wearing leather wings?  Moreover, when was Mickey incarcerated? And lastly, can any of this actually be purchased in a men's department? This begs the question: WHERE YOU SHOPPIN?

Purple Rain at the Easter Parade!

It was a bright, sunny day, and when you were head on, the glare was unmistakable. It was like following a car with a whole chandelier hanging off their rear view mirror. I could not wonder at how incredibly uncomfortable this had to be, especially as it was high 70's.

It's hard to keep up with red glitter Mickey ears after all! 


What do a Fez, a color block cape (or is it a tablecloth?) , 
and a pair of pajama pants have in common? 

Absolutely nothing, as shown in this picture.

This begs the question:


                                            Put Me In The Zoo Pants 

In honor of the pants we failed to snap.  Picture this in your mind's eye:  A man in his early 70's with pants pulled dangerously high.  They were white with bright, multicolored spots like below only there were more colors including orange.  He wore an orange t-shirt to keep it muted. If they had fewer colors, they could have doubled as a Twister mat.  Only at Disney!  Not even at Walmart do you find the rainbow circus of overboard fashion! 

Some people dye their hair to be different and stand out. Some people wear wigs to conceal their hair and blend in. Now this is a new hybrid category who wants the  edgy hair color without the actual inconvenience of coloring it. Veggie Tales Madam  Blueberry Cosplay perhaps? (I promise, when I zoomed in I could see her black hair underneath the wig.)


  1. YIKES!!! I better loose weight before you photograph me ... TWO TONY TONY in his ears and awkward New England style clothing... LOL!!!

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  2. I heard that FANNY PACKS especially for MEN are so 1990! You wouldn't catch me with one on!!!

  3. LOL! I still regret missing the Put Me In the Zoo pants. A couple of years ago we saw a man in high-waisted, white pants with huge polka dots. It looked just like the multicolored spots from the kid's book "Put Me In the Zoo". I'm SURE you're safe from the evil eye! All of these were taken by Chris, so he's the one you have to be careful of. lol!

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