Friday, March 29, 2013

Strangers were laughing at our picture on Expedition Everest. Mission accomplished.

Welcome to the jungle!

Or the Harambe Village mosh pit.

You know it's Spring Break ...

When Animal Kingdom looks like this.

Traded our passes today

Chris bought his next annual, and the rest of us exchanged for the plastic cards at the Odyssey asst Epcot.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Week 12 – Easter Egg Hunt at Epcot!

March 19, 2013

Miles – 4121


Where Am I?

I’m trapped on Jean’s camera, because my phone wouldn’t take this shot. Now I just have to get my zip drive from her so we can continue this game. C’mon Jean, free me from my digital prison!!!


Back we go to EPCOT…

                      for a little Easter egg hunting.


I am so in love with the panorama feature on my phone! Isn’t this gorgeous?  No, I didn’t touch it up with color pop.

First, we purchased our map for $5 which was really a coupon for our prize.  Any good egg hunts ends in a prize, after all.  


Next, I gathered provisions. It’s a long trip around the world, and Pineapple Promenade was calling to me. (Who are those people, and what are they doing in week 12? Clearly, they are time travelers from week 11!)


I’d made the trek all the way across Future World, and in my weakened condition, it just wasn’t wise to go further without proper nourishment, and by proper, I mean pineapple upside down cake.


Even better, I got a surprise, a FREE souvenir: basil seeds!

I make a pretty mean pineapple upside down cake, but Disney added some yumm-o sauce with toasted coconut. I need that recipe!


Time to set off around World Showcase hunting eggs and additional provisions, starting with Canada


OK, so I know you’re thinking this is soooo easy!  Well, after you find out what these eggs look like, then it’s easy. Yes, they do look like their stickers, but no one tells you these things are 18 inches high. I’m not even going to admit how long it took us to see Agent P. Suffice it to say, we enjoyed much more of Canada than we normally do.

 Great Britain

IMG_20130319_130114   IMG_20130319_130051

And, lest you forget, it’s the Flower and Garden Festival. (I finally ventured out of Future World!) 

IMG_20130319_130205 IMG_20130319_130216 IMG_20130319_130430




As we approach the English Channel


And cross it making our way to France…(whoa, what a swim!)



Back to hunting eggs. Let’s make this a little more challenging………. Or not




All this egg hunting is exhausting, not to mention it’s warmer than a Minneapolis summer, both days of it.  


Plus, how could you let seating like this go to waste at Disney?  When and where do you get to sit on anything softer than concrete without paying so much you wonder if there should be a lease attached?  Oh, right – your car when you leave, and there probably was a lease or loan attached at some time.




Oh how I love a room with a view! (especially if I’m sitting which is a prime philosophy Jean and I have regarding Disney)  IMG_20130319_131552

Since we’re just hogging this space for an inordinately long time relaxing and chatting, I think I’ll explain.  You see, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get from Point A to Point B at Disney as long as you are sitting.  With that in mind, We once were at Epcot with no monorail (happening to me quite often this year) and had to catch a bus. The TTC sardines cans buses had lines that exceeded our capacity to wait, so we headed to the bus with the shortest wait and assurance of a seat, Coronado Springs.  We then connected to the Magic Kingdom bus. The monorail was working on the MK/TTC loop, but the L I N E!  We hopped on a small boat with a small line and decided to get off at the Poly which means we were next door to the TTC and could’ve walked to the car which wasn’t far enough to warrant a shuttle stop.  But, NO, that meant NOT SITTING.  So we hopped on the monorail which took us BACK to the Magic Kingdom (at which point we were hyperventilating from laughter) before depositing us at the TTC.  Now the whole odyssey took a COUPLE OF HOURS, but -  We. Were. Sitting. 

 Back to our regularly scheduled lounging. 


We were doing nothing but enjoying the ambiance, when up walked Belle to have a quick chat. Since I never go to Disney and never see characters, I was, of course, star struck surprised and could neither form coherent words nor operate a camera. She caught me totally off guard. I need to brush up on my character interaction, obviously.

The only valid use of plastic Crocs…

IMG_20130319_134243 IMG_20130319_134258   IMG_20130319_131442 IMG_20130319_131512 IMG_20130319_134355

Time to leave our lovely area…

                             Onward to Morocco





I could eat here, m-hm! Maybe lucky Week 13?


Guess where this Minnie Mouse egg is hidden?


How about a hint?



Minnie was more like a neighbor who lives across the street and at an angle to Japan.


Halfway around the world at the American Adventure, we are! Can’t find the egg, though, can you? 


It’s not here, so let’s turn around and keep looking.


          M-I-C-K-E-Y  M-O-U-S-E!



          Next up is Italy, land of Amore’!


Is it me, or does Lady look like Grumpy Cat?





The most expensive food stand ~ Is it worth it?  If you’re on the dining plan – absolutely!  Otherwise, I’d rather spend my dining dollars elsewhere, as these are sample size portions.


On the way to Germany



      It’s chocolate Chip!


Evidently, the spirit of Oktoberfest carries over to the farmer’s market.






If you know the order of the countries, you should know where we went next.  If not, good luck guessing what country this represents. 


Let me help you. This was China’s egg, although it’s like the Japan egg and not really IN the country’s pavilion. (Dale)

IMG_20130319_141729 IMG_20130319_141858 IMG_20130319_141920


After China comes Norway.




IMG_20130319_142233 IMG_20130319_142306

The egg hunt is complete, but there is still food to explore!

IMG_20130319_144028 IMG_20130319_143957

Saving the best for last. I could have a full meal right here, and I did pick up a strawberry slush.  It was the next best thing to air conditioning.  I would have even tolerated Country Bears for some A.C. and a seat. Well, no, not Country Bears, let’s not get ridiculous.  

IMG_20130319_144433 IMG_20130319_144300

At the end of egg hunt, it was time to show our maps, get them stamped, and collect our prize. We could either play the game or just pick the one we wanted.  The prizes were Vinylmation key rings, and each package has 2 Vinylmation characters.  They retail for $12.99, so $5 is a great price IF you like Vinylmation. It’s growing on me. This one goes into an Easter basket of a Vinylmation fiend.


It seems like the Flower and Garden Festival is bigger and better this year.  It remains an exciting and fun time to visit Disney, as is the Food and Wine festival in the fall.  Disney has so many special events, it’s hard to pick a favorite, just like I could barely pick a Vinylmation, and then I had a choice of only 4. There is always an excuse to go to something interesting to see and do at Disney!


TIP: Pay attention to Limited Time Magic if traveling in 2013

When using the Disney Dining Plan, don’t spend snack credits on a $2.50 slushy or water when you can use that credit to buy a $6 specialty food item from the festival stands.

Ice water is free at all restaurants, so pick up a cup at a counter service, and save $ on bottled water. (Skip water fountains unless you like drinking where a stranger may have spit. Yuck, yuck!) 


NEW: Every Flower and Garden Festival is different from the last.

Sitting on a padded, upholstered surface outside in Epcot. (heavenly!)

Hunting Easter eggs at Disney, and getting a Vinylmation key ring.


Take one more look …



Week 13 I’m going to upload while we’re at the parks, IF technology will cooperate.