Friday, July 12, 2013

Why I Love Disney's Character Warehouse

A trip to Disney isn't complete without getting my Disney outlet fix. I've scored many deals that far outstrip my AP discount, some on items still being sold in the parks. I've bought Mickey jack-o-lantern mugs for $2.50, earrings for $2, shower curtain at 50% off, and lanyards with 8 pins for $10 (even Ebay can't touch that deal for traders), but here is the crown jewel. This is my Pulicati Italian leather purse in the most delicious, dark, chocolate brown that I scored in December for $36 marked down from $180, give or take a couple of bucks. This was THE color I wanted in a bag so big I can pack for an overnight, if I clean it out of course, but how ridiculous of an idea is that? With this much square footage it should come with the option of maid service, for goodness sakes! When it's "fully loaded" with both tablets, cell, and Smart Water, it weighs an impressive 11 lbs AND has capacity for more. What it really needs is wheels.

So if you drive to Orlando or get a rental car, be sure to look up these outlet stores. Downtown Disney is fun, but bargain shoppers will surely appreciate the deeper discounts that will stretch your souvenir shopping budget.

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