Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wk 4 – Long Lost Friends, Jan 26, 2013

Miles – 1319 

Where in the world am I?


No, I’m not lost!  I know where I am! It’s a game, so play along. Take a guess!  Do you recognize this place?

Limited Time Magic Event~ Long Lost Friends!

I was with my friend and her daughter & had suggested we ask if her daughter could take a picture first before we jump in.  The way they responded to this girl, really warmed my heart and still makes me teary. It all happened so fast we couldn’t get pics.

Seeing she was blind, Robin Hood quickly came to escort her rather than waiting for her to join them.  The other characters immediately surrounded her, letting her experience them through touch all the way back to the picture spot.

The photographer ran up and was clicking the whole time.  Now, I’m not mom, so I don’t have those pics. Still, it was amazing to see the reaction!  They all just ran for her, and after our picture they took extra time with her letting her touch them, because that’s the only way she can “see” them.  They don’t talk, and she doesn’t see, plus she has additional special needs.  Times like these are why Disney never gets old.  ThIS was MAGIC! (and I went right to a manager to let them know!)

The Duck Tales ducks also played with her, but 4 characters at once is a hard act to follow. Both groups were exceptional!
Now, wipe the tears…*sniff* (no, really, I have to)  We had a fun and silly day!  Part of the Disney magic is stopping to smell the roses, enjoying the serendipitous moments when entertainment spontaneously erupts out of nowhere.  However, if you can’t unwind that far, the following is scheduled, so you can plan your spontaneity.   


Clang, clang, clang went the trolley! 


Ding, ding, ding went the bell! 



No one is too old for the Barnstormer, but if I grow bigger wings, I might catch flight on my own! You think Disney is going to want this shot for a promo?  This is your brain on Disney. See?  My friend, whom I’ve been so careful to keep anonymous in spite of plastering her face all over the blog, likes it!  
Of course, I took the pic of her, and she took the one of me.  Who got the last laugh on that deal?
YUM! Sleepy Hollow root beer floats while watching the parade.  My float is evolving. I overcame my root beer float snobbery and joined my Friend Who Must Not Be Named in her favorite Disney treat, which immediately became my must-have Magic Kingdom treat: soft serve vanilla root beer float. Today I stepped it up to Phase II: twist soft serve. Next phase is chocolate.  I’ll let you know how that works out, but twist is a definite winner over plain vanilla. I can hear her licking her lips for the big “I told you so!” now.
We WRAPPED up the day at Earl of Sandwich which would be much wittier had either of us actually eaten a wrap. However, it was uber-delicious as always, and we got our 10% passholder discount to boot! 
Pictures with Robin Hood group & Duck Tales group
Watching Trolley Singers (instead of glancing as I walk by)
Root beer float with twist ice cream (at Sleepy Hollow)

Check the schedule to plan to see Trolley Singers and other “spontaneous” entertainment
Watching the Trolley Singers at the train station gives you the best show, as they go upstairs and sing from the second level.  If you opt for the corner of Main St., a sidewalk is the best view.
Grab a seat at Sleepy Hollow to watch the parade for a good view if you don’t have to be front row.  There’s less competition for these seats than the 2 rocking chairs around the corner.
Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney is the best deal on Disney property.  Do NOT waste dining plan credits on it, though. 

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