Friday, April 19, 2013

The Root Beer Float Debate

A root beer float is root beer and vanilla ice cream, right? Weeeelllllll, " It ain't necessarily so", in the immortal words of George Gershwin. Jean, frequent cohort in crime, introduced me to chocolate ice cream in root beer. Hmmmm! Not quite convinced, and maybe having commitment issues, I decided to get my Chubby Checker on and do the twist .... ice cream in my float. It was just too good to snap a picture. I was so busy doing my bicep spoon lifts, I didn't remember there was a photo op. With floats 2 down there was just one to go, the holy grail according to Jean. I dove in with the same gusto and enthusiasm (read: photo op amnesia) I greeted its competitors. An admitted chocoholic, the winner should be obvious, but I'm afraid the verdict is still out and requires further research. I'm leaning toward twist, but one thing IS certain. A root beer float makes my top 10 list of Disney treats, and Magic Kingdom has the best consistency of quality (size matters). Tomorrow I hope to make progress on this very pressing issue of which float to put on my hips, I mean list.

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