Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Week 13 – Mickey Bars: They’re What’s For Dinner


March 27-30

Miles - A WHOLE bunch!


Where Am I?


Easter Limited Time Magic




Remind you of the Valentines pictures? I think this area is going to be used for every major holiday.

IMG_0008 IMG_0007

Playing with my new camera a bit here, but the flowers really were so beautiful, how could I not? 

IMG_0006 IMG_0010

Outdoor Padded Seating Alert! 

Last week I lounged on a padded love seat at Epcot thanks to the Flower and Garden Festival and remarked that you just don’t see padded seating outside. Well, it IS scarce, but it does exist in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland. I like me a padded seat to rest these sore hips, so I’m on the hunt now! Look for Outdoor padded seating/Prime seating and The Drink Stations of Disney to appear on this blog soon, because I am SO over Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite!


Look for those crazy trees.  Here are some additional clues to help you locate this prime, padded seating. This is a good ice cream stop with a shop serving soft serve right there, too. 

IMG_0027  IMG_0016

Mickey Bars: They’re what’s for dinner!


See the Minnesota boy wearing a jacket in Florida so he can eat ice cream?  That’s dedication to the Mickey Bar, that is!

This was the 2nd time in my life I’d had a Mickey Bar, both of them within the last 12 months. I’ve learned a BIG lesson. If I’d known they were this good, I’d have gotten my kids Mickey Bars every day of our Disney vacations instead of it being a rare treat. My kids had every character meal Disney offered when they were growing up, so they weren’t even close to Disney deprived. I’m just saying that this is a small thing I’d have splurged on more, and the only way I’d have changed my mind is if I’d have eaten one back then.  If you’re having a hard time coughing up the cash for some Mickey bars, then you need to have one (assuming you actually like a Dove ice cream bar). I’d rather have  Mickey Bar than a Dove bar. YUMMO!!



Thestrals at Disney? So there IS a shuttle between Disney property and Universal after all!


How about a sneak peak? This was the first time for my family, and we all enjoyed it.



They’re probably going to do Fastpass for this attraction (I talked to a cast member who confirmed this), but until then go first thing in the morning or during night parades or fireworks to avoid long lines. I suggest utilizing Extra Magic Hours, if that’s an option.  For princesses, this is a do not miss.




I’m not commenting along the way, just because I didn’t read about the attraction and found that limited information made it rather fun. It’s nice to be surprised sometimes. If you want all the details, it’s out there on other sites. This shows you what I knew.  You start in Belle and Maurice’s cottage and go to the enchanted castle where you meet Belle.  Everyone who wants a part may have one, no matter your age.


I will go back, but I’m a line snob who refuses to wait more than 30 min.  Really, if you utilize Fastpass, Extra Magic Hours (or avoid the park with those if staying off site), use the wait time boards and apps, you don’t need to stand in any line for an hour. You do need to do some homework, be willing to backtrack, and go early and/or stay late if traveling during peak times.  Riding during meal times helps, too. I am all about line avoidance!

Beautifully Disney is now on Main Street not just at Downtown Disney. (Wonder if they just got too many requests they decided to make this change. It didn’t make sense not to have it in the parks.)


Lip gloss was $14.50, and I was disappointed to see that the gold tube was lip gloss not eyeshadow.  I can’t imagine wearing gold lips. What I’d really like is a gold pencil or powder, but I didn’t find it here.  As much as I love Disney, these colors didn’t grab me.


A compact is $10 with every $40 cosmetic purchase. 



 IMG_0454 IMG_0455

If you want the make-up, just look for this window:

You don’t need the store name, because like an addict hunting crack, you can sniff this one out.


The Trifecta: Purses, Jewelry, and Makeup


The only thing this store is missing is chocolate! 



Dark and milk chocolate ~ Delicious!


Where was I earlier?  Here’s the whole scoop!


Since I couldn’t quite pass the security clearance age requirement for the egg hunt, I had to wait until the jr. agents  kids had secured the area hunted eggs, and then I was allowed out there for my photo op. They didn’t want me tampering with evidence relocating any of the stealthily hidden eggs.



The cast members were very good about my silliness once they realized I didn’t want to actually hunt eggs. 


NEW – My family at Enchanted Tales With Belle, My camera that can do so much more, and Disney make-up, and we have 2 exciting new entries in Clothes Encounters!

TIP – Buy those kids Mickey Bars!  Go to Enchanted Tales With Belle at off-peak times & keep an eye out for when they start offering Fastpass on this.

Know where some good seating is before you go to the parks so you can catch some nice, comfortable, planned breaks along the way.

Coming this year in the fall to Disney parks is Vera Bradley prints, and they can be previewed at the Flower and Garden Festival Center. I have my eye on the black one. 



  1. I'm going to SPLURGE and buy my wife a Disney pocketbook instead of an UGLY COACH one if she see this message. Thank you for sharing! Didn't know they offered and Easter Egg hunt!

    Enchanted Tales with Belle is definitely on my MUST SEE LIST!

  2. Seriously, my tablet ate my reply. I love Disney purses! Plan to scope out the Vera Bradleys at the Festival Center soon. She gets a Disney bag, and you will be able to hold your head a little higher when you join the ranks of men holding purses outside the ladies room.

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