Saturday, February 16, 2013

Week 5, Feb 2 - Super Bowl Magic


Miles – 1650


OK, Where am I? 


I’m still not lost, but I’m testing your Disney prowess.


(This is my favorite shirt to wear to Disney.) 

*Last week I was standing between City Hall and the Chamber of Commerce.


This is a shout-out to the lovely family from Toronto that we met in line at the Pooh characters in case they stop by the blog! I hope you made it to Starring Rolls!


Super Bowl Limited Time Magic

OrangeMickey 100_1241  

 100_1242  100_1243

Never having tasted lobster bisque, my choice was obvious.  It was so good! I think this might have been what Meg Ryan was having in the diner in that movie “When Harry Met Sally”.

It could also have been this:


This plain little chocolate cake can either be a hockey puck the reason to draw your next breath. I’d had a few hockey pucks on the meal plan, so when a cast member handed one of these as a treat, I wasn’t expecting much. It was so good I forgot to take a pic.


The Super Bowl pre-parade kicks off with cheerleaders and football Goofy! 


Referees Chip and Dale follow!


Celebrate a Dream Come True


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Evidently lobster bisque is the soup of champions, since Baltimore won.  I had a lovely time chatting with a Baltimore fan while watching the parade. My husband scored us chairs on the 2nd floor of the train station, so we got to sit!  That is the #1 best way to see the parade!


Disney Details – The Train Station

Take a tour of the station and enjoy the train paraphernalia.

The stories of the trains:

Around every corner is something else… 

100_1337 100_1326

I don’t want to show you everything. I want you to explore for yourself.


~Fruit Price Increase~

100_1260 100_1258

Week 2 at Animal Kingdom I got a good sized container of watermelon for about $2.50.  I found it at Liberty Square Market beside the Hall of Presidents for $3.19.  That’s a significant jump.  It’s still not out of line for theme park pricing IF the container is as big as the one at AK.  They didn’t have any that day, so I couldn’t tell.  I will be checking on my next trip, though.  


PurpleMickey Hidden Seating

Grab your Dole Whip and head toward the spitting camel.  Let everyone else crowd into the outdoor seating outside Swiss Family Tree House like they today.  Just stroll down toward Zanzibar Trading Company. 








Before you get there, though, you’ll see 3 rounded sections with domed roofs. You can go in through the shop down on that end, too.


You will find this waiting for you. No one reads my blog, so this is still our secret.


Find the Disney Security officer


Do you see him?  Disney has security dressed like tourists just wandering the parks keeping an eye on security.  I spotted the earphone and wire. He very slowly and casually walked up to the fence, like he was waiting for someone. 

AquaMickey NEW 

  • exploring the Magic Kingdom Train Station
  • Hidden Seating at Zanzibar Trading Company
  • Super Bowl Limited Time Magic
  • lobster bisque

HotPinkMickey TIPS

  • The best parade viewing is the 2nd floor of the Magic Kingdom Train Station. Get there early to claim a seat. Grab a snack to enjoy while you wait.
  • Hidden seating by Zanzibar Trading Company (across from Swiss Family Tree House)
  • Don’t miss Starring Rolls cupcakes at Hollywood Studios.

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