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Week 6 - Feb 9, Date Night at EPCOT


Miles – 1990


Where Am I? I know where, but do YOU?  This may be a bit hard, so I’ll give you a less cropped version at the end. 


Last week I was in front of the new Fantasyland fence that is hiding the construction of the Snow White and the Seven Dwarves mine train.


We visited Disney’s Lost and Found and were happy to learn valuable items are held 90 days, but our camera wasn’t there. We were given the Port Orleans Lost and Found to contact, as resorts keep their own departments separate from the parks.  I’ve ordered this camera to replace our stolen cameras we wish we’d find in Disney Lost and Found.


We started at Innoventions and selected StormStruck based on wait time. We are line snobs, don’t you know.

100_1361  100_1359 

StormStruck simulates a hurricane and gives a group of tourists anxiety attacks over FL weather interrupting their Disney vacation while teaching about safer home construction.  Sounds gripping, doesn’t it? 

100_1360  100_1354

You will sit in the safety of your house (small movie theater) and watch the neighbor’s house weathers the storm.  Your house takes some damage, and you’re slightly  exposed to wind and rain from the storm. Then you get to choose building materials and learn if you and the group chose well. Finally, you go through the storm watching the home built with the materials the group chose. At this point, anyone who isn’t from FL is successfully convinced the roof is going to be ripped off next time a drop of rain falls.


Of course there are activities at the end which could be better than the actual attraction, and I use that word loosely.  This is suitable for 1) AP holders or frequent Disney guests 2) People escaping the weather 3) People who just want to sit … anywhere.  Everyone else’s Disney time is better spent elsewhere.  Really…trust me on this.

NEW food


We tried Churritos & caramel sauce at La Cantina at the Mexico pavillion of World Showcase.   

100_1369  100_1368 100_1367

PretPretty good ~ I think the caramel sauce should be thicker (SO runny!). They’re good for a change or if we’re in the area but not on my must-have list.



TIP Agent P Alert!


Phineas and Ferb fans will want to go to the Promenade.  This is the only place to get these treats, so Agent P fans should stop here for “mission supplies”. 


Yeah, we’re Phineas and Ferb Nerds! 


Love the quotes throughout the parks! I’m just going to randomly post them.

HINT - These were close to my Week 6 pic. (I didn’t say it was going to be much of a hint, did I?) 

100_1380  100_1381

No, they didn’t fail to pick up the litter.  They are marking the ground for the the Flower and Garden Festival, I presume.




Had to stop by Canada for an

Off Kilter concert!


Where else are you going to see a rock bagpipe band? Take a notch out of your Disney Pro card if you skip this! Come early if you want a seat, because they have a loyal following, and Disney was too frugal with the benches, seriously underestimating their draw.


Still in grazing mode, we thought we’d stop by Boulangerie Patisserie, and we found they’d moved. The new location lacks the charm of the old one, but it probably services more people faster. I was disappointed to lose the authentic feel of a small, French bakery in favor of a Disney feeding frenzy.  They still have delicious goodies, but I’m in mourning for the old location, so we abstained and foraged ahead.


At the back of the dead end


The same yumminess awaits…


And they tried to keep the charm, but it’s too modern, too square, and the line puts you in the center of a packed room in a food court-like fashion.  I know, this is another “take a notch off your Disney Pro card” things, but if you walk by after this renovation, I promise I won’t be demanding you turn in your DP card. You may just get points for Disney magic snobbery.


We retreated back to the starting point of World Showcase, because I was devastated by the French bakery transformation my feet were killing me.


At the always-ignored Refreshment Port I spied shrimp with cajun tartar sauce. 


8 Jumbo shrimp with fries for $7.19 seemed a good deal on Disney property!  


Ken’s cocktail sauce had more zing than the mild and boring Cajun tartar sauce.



As we were walking out of EPCOT, my husband observed that we hadn’t ridden anything, yet it was a successful Disney outing.  We hopped on our favorite ride to take silly photos Spaceship Earth, because in the evening when everyone gravitates to World Showcase, this is a walk-on.    

  100_1421  100_1432

Take your glasses and hat off, & make a goofy face!

Refer to week 2 for my thoughts on how to really take pics on Disney rides.


Did you figure out where I’m standing? 



  • Churritos & caramel at La Cantina (pretty good)
  • StormStruck (yawn!)
  • Shrimp w/Cajun tartar at Refreshment Port


  • Don’t miss Off Kilter, and get there early if you want a seat.
  • Agent P Fans can buy mission provisions at the Promenade (Turn toward Canada where WS meets FW)
  • The French bakery, Boulangerie Patisserie has moved to a larger, more modern location.
  • Shrimp lovers head to Refreshment Port for a good value on jumbo fried shrimp & fries.
  • Ride Spaceship Earth in the evening when it becomes virtually a walk-on.  Walk right past it in the morning if it’s anything more than a 10 minute wait. 

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