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Week 10 – Birthdays & Restrooms Are Better at Disney

March 9, 2013

Miles - 3392


 All the pictures for this week were on my phone which got erased in the Master Reset.  I can’t be mad at the Metro PCS guy, because he’s just so nice.  Going there makes me want to wear tie dye and peace signs and listen to The Grateful Dead. 


Good question.  I have no idea. Lost somewhere in my least favorite land, Deleteland.  I have no idea what pictures Jean, my infa-mouse cohort in crime, may have for me to use. It’s a forgone conclusion that the spectacular photo of me picking a gargoyle’s nose at Be Our Guest restaurant is gone.  Guess I’ll need to go back. It just won’t be the same, though. After all, I did pick that nose as part of her birthday celebration. 


The SHORT Version (with links and videos)

Here’s the run-down of Jean’s annual birthday bash. It is tradition that we go to Disney for her birthday.  It’s also tradition to go to Disney after any stressful event or when I have a kid in the hospital, but I digress.

I overslept by an hour, but I’m the driver, so deal with it.  That’s code for I’m the only one who can stay awake behind the wheel from Orlando to Jacksonville.  We arrived in time for lunch (followed by a fabulous photo of gargoyle nose picking) in the library at Be Our Guest. I ate a turkey sandwich, sweet potato wedges, strawberry applesauce, and soy milk from the kid’s menu. The library was quietest, had the best lighting, and had the softest seating.



The line moved deceptively fast for this restaurant.  The cast members said it would be a longer wait than it was. That’s the second time for me.  Methinks they whisper lies to keep people happy about the fast line rather than being upset about waiting longer.



From there we headed to the new Tangled restrooms and electronics charging park adjacent to it. Here’s the deal. Cinderella gets a castle.  Snow White’s ride is being replaced with a bigger one.

Ariel and Belle have their own attractions.

Sleeping Beauty has a castle in Disneyland. And Rapunzel gets…. wait for it… a throne room! Two in fact. Yes, themed restrooms.  As much as I like the themed restrooms and hope Disney themes other restrooms, I think Rapunzel got the short end of that stick.

How to Stalk IT For Fun and Profit

After all the thrill of using a new restroom we tried to charge our phones in the charging stumps.


FAIL!  I talked to other guests who had the same problem we did. The outlets were too loose, and the plugs wouldn’t stay in well enough to charge. So, what do you do when the chargers won’t work? Go tell someone who can get them fixed! No, I don’t mean Guest Services, the standard answer.  I stalked an IT guy who was watching the Dapper Dans, and I told him about the problem.  I showed HIM the pictures on my phone, so at least they served that purpose.  He wrote it in his notebook, so I will be checking those stumps to see if that was a profitable venture. IT guys are dressed in black and carry a little gadget bag.  It’s all very James Bond like.

Thus far this year I’ve spied with my little eye

  • undercover security
  • attractions development 
  • an IT guy trying to blend 

After our top secret meeting with James IT Bond, we rode our must-do, Thunder Mountain Railroad.  The explosives in the exit/wheelchair entrance were operational. First you crank until the needle points to blast.  Then you push down the handle on the right, but you may have to pull it up first.  It sets off an “explosion” with noise and a spray of water.  We did this a few times until kids came up, and we were forced  decided to share.100_1687

The we headed to EPCOT for the Flower and Garden Festival where I took many pictures.  I retraced many of these steps on Weeks 11 and 12.  Hopefully, Jean will have some pics to augment this post.


Tip: Wait for lunch at Be Our Guest. The line moves faster than you’d think. 

New: Stalking IT, themed restrooms, charging stumps, interactive “explosives” at Big Thunder Mountain    

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