Friday, March 29, 2013

Traded our passes today

Chris bought his next annual, and the rest of us exchanged for the plastic cards at the Odyssey asst Epcot.


  1. Is this your last year Gale? Will Chris be coming on his own? Don't understand the post.

  2. Annual passes are now being issued as plastic cards to go through the new readers. From there it will evolve to wrist bands. We traded our paper for plastic. This is available for a limited time to allow folks to upgrade rather than waiting for their pass renewal dates. The plastic cards can go through either the old turnstiles or the new reader, but paper is old turnstiles only. I've had an in-depth conversation with a cast member about this. These plastic cards present an inconvenience for disabled guests who can't scan their thumb. My pass expires in August, so I was glad to be able to trade for the new card.