Friday, March 8, 2013

Pin Trader Pouch

I'm looking forward to my obligatory weekly Disney road trip and must not forget to add this little beauty to my park survival kit. It's intended to hold "traders", you know, those 30 identical Disney pins you got on Ebay specifically because of their price not content. This protects them from falling out of your pocket and gives you easy access. What a great idea, right? Yes, but that's not why I got it. I'm going to put my pass and cards in there. Pretty nifty, and it should cut down on the pass reissues. There were other models, but I chose this for the secure zip close and the graphic. After 20 min of anal-retentive comparison-shopping, because you really need to take your time with large financial commitments, my friend remarked how she just wasn't sure she could resolve lilac Tinkerbell with flowers on a Star Wars lanyard (pass holder freebie a few years ago). Well, hand me the decision making FastPass! Mickey and the good zipper averted a potential Disney fashion crisis.

So, should you get one? Unless you're a repeat guest or don't have pockets you could save the $6. (Do note or photocopy the serial numbers if you have a paper pass in case of loss) If you decide not to throw that 6 bucks in a 401k, you could always invest in a Dole Whip and have change left to make a down payment on a Mickey bar. No piece of plastic, Disney logo or not, can trump Disney ice cream. Once again the ice cream defense rests.

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