Thursday, March 14, 2013

Update on Hidden Seating in Magic Kingdom


I first posted about this on week 5, but I’ve continued to check weekly to see if it really is a likely place to avoid a crowd. I just can’t stop going to Magic Kingdom. 

Let me remind you of the crowds over Presidents weekend.


So we checked out the seating nook….


Chris just needed a Casey’s dog to make it a perfect rest stop.

I’ve seen all 3 nooks with people in them 1 time in 6 checks, and this week was the acid test.  Also remember this place in case of rain. To map it, go to the Disney World map and look for #9, Swiss Family Treehouse, in Adventureland. The shops and the seating are across from that.  So, let’s say you stop at Aloha Isle and grab a Dole Whip.  Pass the restrooms, and the first store is immediately after that.  You walk through that store to the seating OR coming from the Tiki Room, pass the spitting camel and look for Zanzibar Traders on your left.  Enter the store and walk through like you’re trying to get to the other store.  I think most people don’t realize the stores are connected by this passageway.

If you’re looking for a water fountain, it’s back there, too.  Personally, I’d rather go to a counter service and get a free cup of water or carry my own bottle, as I’ve turned into a Smart Water snob.  


I’m more about being silly and showing how repeatable Disney is, but once in awhile I find something helpful.

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  1. I want to go in November when the crowds are light and for Patty's birthday... I wonder if you guys will be there :->

    I would never use the water bubbler... call me a SNOB... don't like the Z water in Florida either...