Friday, July 5, 2013

Celebrating 237 Years of Freedom

My husband, a Navy man, came up with that one, and it's pretty darn perfect, methinks! We thought it was so patriotically festive that we all wore "I'm Celebrating" pins with that on it. Ironically, Independence Day meant Limited Time Freedom at the parks with the Magic Kingdom reaching capacity around noon. We've btdt, and we know better, so we started our day at 1900 Park Fare then made our way to the other parks. Yes. We hopped to all 3 after finding that Mr. Ice Cream (middle son, construction worker, and ice cream taster) had a hopper, a detail we'd forgotten the prior day we thought we were handcuffed to the Magic Kingdom. We wrapped it all up with Mickey bars, Epcot fireworks, and back roads that totally avoided the July 4th traffic. That's like getting the hot fudge sundae with whipped cream, cherry, sprinkles and NO calories!  Woo Hoo! Total Score! (The ice cream fixation didn't fall far from the tree.) Hope your fourth was top notch, with or without ice cream analogies.

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