Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lunch at Contempo

After much debate and outlet shopping, we came back to Disney to eat. We hadn't tried the Contemporary's Contempo Cafe, and I wish that were still the case. We've found one counter service with poorer quality food (AofA) but none that were dirtier. I didn't finish my dry, bland chicken artichoke flatbread, but hubby happily scored BBQ sauce for his Angus bacon cheeseburger, a condiment lacking at AKL the Mara. Since people expect McDonald's to serve a hot burger at .99, I think Disney, who charges $9, should. Call me picky, but decent food shouldn't be strictly at sit downs. Based on this meal, we'd stop by for treats, drinks, and salads but skip anything that required cooking. Staying at this resort changes nothing. Fill your mugs, grab a snack, use your counter service credits elsewhere.

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