Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Mystery of the Missing Weeks

The clues: an annual pass, limited time magic events, a blog, one Disney maniac, a new camera, a malfunctioning cell phone, and a tablet.

Hypothesis: The Disney maniac has been using an annual pass to see limited time magic but has become engrossed in the new camera and the blogging possibilities of the tablet and phone, but it's thrown off her whole system of posting. (Plus when weighing go to Disney or stay home to blog about going to Disney, which do you think wins?)

Confession: OK, I admit it. I forgot my sign a couple of times (just like I forget to answer my "Where am I" and have to go back and edit) and took trips so close together I couldn't keep it straight or get a Disney day blogged before I went the next time. I should always blog before the next trip to keep my sanity. I also should blog bits about Disney daily. This WAS supposed to be about how fun Disney is no matter how often you go, though, so I'm conflicted about making blogging feel like work. But, it's Disney, so how much work is that to discuss? Ummmm...NOT!

Currently: I'm on what has turned into a two week trip spanning 4 hotels including Kidani Village, Bonnet Creek, and Port Orleans Riverside, and the Florida Mall Hotel.  These 2 weeks actually span 3 in my every week plan. When I get home, it will be time to start blogging and adding resource links to the blog. I have much to add... if I can get out of the parks long enough. TTFN...Ta-ta for now!

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