Friday, May 10, 2013

Addison the Brave

Sometimes the best thing about a Disney day is the people I meet. My kids are 21, 19 (yesterday), and 14 yrs 346 days old. I love when I get to enjoy snippets of magical moments with other people's kids. Today I met the fabulous, the short and the brave, Addison from Tennessee and her dad while riding the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. She is a bubbly and charming conversationalist whose company I enjoyed every bit as much as the ride! She talked of the ride, my flip flops, blue, how many times we'd been to Disney, and their resort with seamless transition between topics. (That means you are really good at talking to people, Addison, with 2 "d's".) I didn't get her age, but she cannot be passing that height requirement by much, hence the  "brave". (Your parents can comment and correct me if I'm wrong.) She had ridden not only the Tower of Terror but also Rockin' Roller Coaster 4 times each today. That's a pretty impressive attempt at thrill ride overload, I'd say! Dad has scored a good riding buddy for sure!

I wonder if this was Addison's first trip riding the big rides. I remember looking for sandals with the thickest soles so my then short and brave Connor, now 19 and still short and brave, could stretch his way past some height restrictions at Disney. When kids take the leap from Dumbo to Tower of Terror  it's an important Disney milestone that ushers in a whole new era in the family trips. Sadly, the days of princesses are numbered once girls hit the thrill ride stage. (I found boys like to snuggle up to a pretty princess at just about any age. Eight year old Connor had a crush on Snow White.)

Addison told me about a woman who lives in Rhode Island who has been to Disney 61 times. That is a long drive or some serious frequent flyer miles! Here's my count. Before I moved to Florida, I'd been 12 times, and then I averaged once a month after moving here (7 yrs, 9 mo), until I began my weekly trips. I will average once a week even if I miss 2 or 3 during the year for illness and car repair. That means I should have been here at least 120 times so far, and maybe the fact that I live 3 hours away, not in Orlando, can compensate a bit for me cheating by living in Florida. What do you think?

Now, Addison, I want to tell you a secret I've discovered.  (Everyone else cover your ears.) I do love having Disney so close, but it was more exciting when we lived in Minnesota or Texas. I'm glad we didn't always live here and had to save Disney for special trips. This is what people mean when they say sometimes less is more. I promise it is more exciting to come less often. A part of me misses the waiting, planning, and excitement, but talking to you reminded me how excited I used to be. Thanks for that!
I hope the rest of your trip is as fun as today was and you get to do everything you planned! I'm sending pixie dust your way! And who knows... Maybe we'll see each other on Saturday.  : )

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