Saturday, May 18, 2013

Week 16 – Macho Men & Vera B at prom


I'm on a quest for both root beer floats and Caesar salads.Epcot is a good Caesar salad destination, but it's weak on root beer floats. We headed to The Land's Sunshine Seasons food court where I sampled a kid's chicken Caesar, grapes, and soy milk. Thisyd saladd the meal fills me. There are other sides available, and soy milk, available in chocolate or vanilla, is no extra charge like it would be for an adult meal.  If Disney meals are too big for you, you can always order a kid's meal just like you would any other meal. No one asks if it's for a child. They don't care that someone over the age of 10 wants a kid's meal. It doesn't matter at table service or sit down. You won't be able to pay the child's rate for an adult at character meals and buffets, obviously, so if you can't eat much and don't feel the experience is worth the money, skip those


Very important on the agenda was previewing my next major purse acquisition, the Disney Vera Bradleys. It's not too early to start my Christmas list is it? There are 2 prints (don't know HOW Santa expects me to choose between them.. insert pouty face) and a variety of styles. I took several pictures (refer to the Vera Does Disney post)


                                     After ogling the bags, it was concert time!


Macho, macho man! I want to be a macho man! In the navy, you can sail the 7 seas. In the navy, you can...

Stay at the Y M C A!  It's fun to stay at the YMCA-A. They were funny and they played their hits. It was worth the drive! 

On the way back around World Showcase we caught some Off Kilter. I love me some rock-n-roll bagpipe! 

However, they were upstaged by this...


Mama duck and her ducklings  ran into the crowded walkway, so some guests halted traffic and played bodyguard,

keeping small hands away from them (because the parents weren't, don't get me started), and escorting them to safety.


I wonder how the band liked ¾ of the crowd turning their backsides to them? They played on without commenting

on the strange behavior. I imagine they've seen odder things and are pretty impervious to it.

Back to The Land we went to ride Soarin' and Living With the Land. We learned, well our memories were jogged, that these murals are identical except for 1 dark tile that serves as the artist's signature. As you face the doors, the "signed" wall is to your right. A cast member can likely point it out for you. They enjoy sharing Disney trivia with guests. It breaks up the monotony of reciting where the nearest restroom is.


We also learned the food court seating is decorated to represent the seasons.

No, I did not visit during the zombie apocolypse, this is how it looks right before 

closing time. 


That was our cue to leave. When Soarin' and Sunshine Seasons are empty, the

day has truly come to the end at EPCOT.

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