Thursday, May 9, 2013

Where's Your Sign?

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.... Except in my hands. I've got to get my signage groove back on with the week numbers, and I will just as soon as I post your official YMCA lessons. I have my priorities (and my excuses)! Today my priority was a date with the Earl and sampling a limited time Cuban sandwich. (Pictures are on the real camera and coming as soon as I can find the charger) Much as I love Earl, I'm not in love with the Cuban. It's good for a Cuban, but that's just not my favorite flavor combination. The mild meat and cheese with pickled peppers, pickles, and mustard is too bitter for me. Well, I guess the obvious fix for this is another trip back right away to cleanse the palate with one of my favorites. Now let's see... Do I want a Greek salad wrap or the Hawaiian I'm taking home for hubby? Shhh! He'll never miss it!

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